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Once you've created a personalised greeting you can change it but you won't be able to remove it completely. Deleted voicemails. Once you delete a voicemail, it will be permanently deleted and unfortunately you won’t be able to get it back. Change the length of time the phone rings before going to voicemail. To change it, dial: **61 *759*11*XX# But once you are ready you’ll get a call that interacts with your child. You'll see a count down before the call starts, and then your phone will ring. You can also send text messages to Santa.

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Then, before pressing call, enter the number of seconds you’d like your phone to ring for, followed by # Press Call; A confirmation message will pop up on your screen with your new ring time; For example, setting it to 25 seconds would look like this: **61*121*11*25#. This applies for both voicemail and Visual Voicemail.
When iPhone is unlocked: Press the Home button twice quickly to reveal the App Switcher and recent contacts. From any Home screen that isn’t the first one: Press the Home button once to return to the first Home screen. From an app: Press the Home button once to return to the Home screen that was most recently viewed. The app remains running ... If you have accidentally switched-on the airplane mode on your iPhone, then all the incoming calls will go to voicemail. The behavior repeats when there is 'No service' from your carrier. To turn off the Airplane mode, you can swipe down the Control Center from the upper right menu and tap on the Airplane toggle.

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Reset the iPhone. Hold the volume-down and on/off buttons together for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. If that does not solve it, ask your cellular carrier if there's some issue on their side.
You can choose to send calls straight to voicemail instead of having them ring to your phone first. However, if you did not set this up intentionally then there are multiple settings that could be inadvertently causing your incoming Grasshopper calls to go straight to voicemail. Is call forwarding disabled? On iPhones: Your voicemails won’t immediately appear in your Visual Voicemail screen, even if you currently have messages in your inbox. They will appear once you get a new message, so we recommend you leave yourself a voicemail message after updating your Carrier Settings. Tell yourself how stoked you are about your new savings!

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Make sure you you have your "Number of rings before forwarding to voicemail" set to the right number (something other than None). For whatever reason after temporarily putting our phone on call forwarding, this number changed and was causing our calls to go straight to voicemail without ringing.
May 23, 2018 · I don't have time to answer. Then I get voicemail from him less than a minute later. But there wasn't nearly enough time for the call to be sent to voicemail. Calls should go to voicemail only if I don't answer within 20 seconds. I didn't have it set up to go straight to voicemail. If I did, I wouldn't have heard it ring at all. Been getting lots of these recently – phone rings, I pick up, short pause (so straight away I know it will be telesales) then when it connects I say something like ‘hello’ but the caller ...

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May 23, 2018 · I don't have time to answer. Then I get voicemail from him less than a minute later. But there wasn't nearly enough time for the call to be sent to voicemail. Calls should go to voicemail only if I don't answer within 20 seconds. I didn't have it set up to go straight to voicemail. If I did, I wouldn't have heard it ring at all.
When I called the iphone from the landline it rang once and then just silence....and eventually it did go to voicemail. But if you don't know to wait through the long silence, you can't leave a message. If you want your phone to ring twice before the call is forwarded to voicemail, press [1] [0]. If you want your phone to ring 5 times, press [2] [8]. Choosing 9 rings is like turning off your voicemail as most callers hang up before the ninth ring. However, if you are on the phone, your voicemail will continue to answer your calls quickly.

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Dial *86 on your iPhone and enter your voicemail password pin. Note: If you do not remember your voicemail pin password, call Verizon. They will be able to reset your voicemail password. Once you access your voicemail, press 1. Then press the star key (*) 3 times. Your iPhone will immediately hang-up and this will reset your voicemailbox.
Once you are able to enter into call control features, click on messaging, then click on greeting link and vertical scroll down until you see # of rings, then click on the down arrow button and select the number of rings you want , then click appy and/or save. In Verizon, you can actually set the number of rings before voicemail. The limit is from 2 to 6, which means that the caller will hear the tones between a minimum to 2 to a maximum of 6 before the voice mail is turned on. The ring tones before voice mail is known as Ring Cycle.

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I called customer support. They were not able to fix it and made it worse. Now it rings once instead of three times. They put in a service request and said it would be 1-3 days. Now they say 3 to 5 business days. I don't understand how something so simple could be such a major problem. I just wanted them to change the number of rings to at least 7.
Once you’ve chosen and entered a new PIN press # to save. EE’s voicemail PIN numbers can be anything from 4 to 10 digits long – keep ‘em guessing by choosing a lengthy and complicated one.